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Durham Region Going High Definition and 3D in Dentistry...

Cone Beam Technology has come to Durham!

Radiology in dentistry is changing. First there was digital radiographs and now Cone Beam technology. Cone Beam allows us to take CT scan like images with a fraction of the exposure of conventional CT scans. The images are clear and three-dimensional. Routinely, they allow us to map out bone for the exact placement of implants.

Durham Region In addition, they are useful for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) evaluation, preoperatively in the extraction of wisdom teeth, the detection of infections, tumors and cysts, and there are some applications in orthodontics, sleep apnea and root canal therapy.

These machines have vastly improved treatment planning and diagnosis. Previously, these scans could only be performed at the universities, hospitals or special clinics. Now Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) is available at Dentistry on Dundas in Whitby.

No more commuting to downtown Toronto to get started with treatment planning. All-in-all a great advancement in Patient care.

Introducing....Sirona Cone Beam Imaging Technology!

We are pleased to introduce our new Sirona Cone Beam Imaging technology. It is now available for your patients radiographic diagnostic needs. Cone beam technology has the diagnostic and treatment advantages to allow for accurate 3D bone morphology, mandibular nerve position and tooth position. The Sirona Cone Beam can equip you with invaluable information before you put scalpel to soft tissue or bur to bone.

The Sirona Cone Beam can be used for implant placement, oral surgery, pathology, orthodontics or endodontics. Your patients need not travel to downtown Toronto for a Cone Beam scan. In a timely manor, your patient’s scans can be taken and read right here in Durham Region. In addition, radiographic stents and guides can be made to your specifications using any implant system.

Advantages of sending your cases to Dentistry on Dundas:

  1. Convenience… we are located in Durham region.
  2. Competence… we are properly certified in Cone Beam acquisition and interpretation.
  3. Respect… we have a proven track record of respect for neighbouring practices.
  4. Reduced radiation… Cone Beam technology reduces exposure levels to approximately one half of an FMS.
  5. Quick turn around… most reports will be completed and returned to you within one-two weeks.
  6. Implant surgical guides… can be arranged and ordered by us (your final authorization required).
  7. Treatment planning assistance… one-on-one assistance, any implant system.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of radiation to your patient while providing you with the information you need for proper diagnosis. For example, radiation exposure using the standard full field of view from an i-CAT CBCT machine (Imaging Sciences International) is 36 microsieverts. The Sirona smaller fields of view, which depends on the case, and your needs, further reduces radiation exposure. For other comparisons of exposure, consider that a typical 2D full mouth series runs 150 microsieverts while a 2D digital panoramic image ranges between 4.7-14.9 microsieverts. Furthermore, the benefits are enhanced when you compare this to the average medical CT scan of the oral and maxillofacial area that may reach levels of 3300 microsieverts. Dentistry on Dundas does not have oral radiologists on staff. However, we will ensure that any scan that requires further interpretation will be sent to an oral radiologist for a final diagnosis.

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