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For your convenience we have included some of our patient forms to save you time on your upcoming visit. Please feel free to download and complete the appropriate forms and bring them in with you.

Click here for our Adult form.

Click here for our children's form.

Click here for Dr. Levy's form.

To print our patient registration forms, please click on the link above.
Note: you will need Adobe Reader

Are you accepting new patients?
YES we are accepting new patients! We are proud of the confidence our patients have placed in us and are happy when new patients discover the level of service our office provides.
MAny of our new patients come through referral. In fact: The best compliment we can receive is the referral of a friend or family member.
Teeth Whitening: The Pros and Cons
Teeth Whitening has become a service is requested and performed in our office frequently. Many of our patients have asked us about the pros and cons of whitening so we have chosen to include them in our faq section.

The negatives associated with whitening are generally short term. The results of teeth whitening are noticeable after a single visit and will be noticed by others around you if you are self-conscious at first. Some patients experience heightened tooth sensitivity and irritation or soreness in their gums during the whitening process. These effects dissipate shortly after the whitening process has been completed. We can test for sensitivity prior to beginning a whitening treatment.

Whitening is safe and effective.
The long term results of increased confidence and health benefits of smiling more often far outweigh any short term discomfort.

The results of whitening last for a long period and can be maintained through take home touch ups. The bright white look of your teeth will convey a cleaner, healthier and youthful appearance. The effect has been shown to increase confidence and allow you to smile more often. White teeth create a positive focal point for others while you speak, leading to an increase in your confidence.
Can I brush my teeth too hard? (Aggressive Brushing)
A common problem that patients come to us with is sensitive teeth. One of the avoidable causes of sensitive teeth that is truly 'in your hands' is aggressive brushing. Many people are under the misconception that brushing harder with a firm bristled tooth brush will better clean their teeth. This coupled with improper brushing technique (using a back and forth motion) can damage enamel exposing dentin and resulting in tooth sensitivity.

Fact: Using a soft bristle brush with proper technique along with regular cleanings at our office will be more effective at keeping your smile beautiful and healthy. Your should schedule an appointment with us if your teeth have become sensitive to hot, cold or you experience pain when you brush. If the sensitivity is caused by a more serious problem, we can start you on the path to better oral heath and a pain-free mouth.
Why do I need Root Canal Therapy?
The root canal procedure is often a way to save a tooth once a cavity/decay, infection or injury has gone too far for a simple repair. The outer layer of your tooth is made of a hard substance called enamel. This layer is made to withstand chewing forces and daily activities of your mouth. It also protects the dentin and pulp portion of your teeth that are connected directly to your bloodstream and nourish the tooth.

The layer of enamel, although strong is by no means indestructible. Once a problem has passed the enamel and entered the dentin and pulp of your tooth infection often occurs. This can be painful for your tooth and your health can be adversely affected. Root Canal Therapy is the removal of the root canal content or 'pulp' composed of blood vessels and nerves. This stops any further infection from entering the bloodstream as well as removing the source of pain from your mouth. The area or 'canal' is then filled and the tooth is repaired with a crown to protect it from further breakage.

Root Canal Therapy allows you to keep your natural tooth as the place holder in your mouth rather than needing an implant, bridge or other false tooth.
What are the benefits of a Dental Implant?
If you are missing a tooth for any reason you could be affecting more than just your appearance. The teeth in your mouth serve many purposes including, chewing, clear speech, holding adjacent teeth in place, maintaining oral health and more. A missing tooth can allow adjacent teeth to shift, adversely effecting surrounding teeth, increasing the chance of decay and increasing the look of premature aging.

Think of a missing tooth as a place where a tooth used to be. It is important to fill the place of that tooth with one of the dental options available to you. An Implant is a permanent solution to a missing tooth that can solve the negative aspects associated with a missing tooth. The implant as its name suggests is a prosthetic post that is implanted into your bone in place of your tooth’s root. Once the bone and tissue have healed sufficiently a cosmetically pleasing false tooth is placed on the post and crowned to look and act naturally.

The team at Dentistry on Dundas would be please to discuss dental implants with you as well as your other option for replacing a missing tooth.
Do I need an electric toothbrush?
Proper brushing combined with regularly scheduled visits to a dental professional for cleanings and check-ups will help to maintain your oral health and keep your smile healthy.

That being said, many of our patients and team members choose to use an electric toothbrush as a part of their oral hygiene regimen. Studies have shown that there are advantages associated with electric toothbrushes, especially for people with dexterity issues.

We would be pleased to discus the advantages of using an electric toothbrush with you on your next visit to our office.



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