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Dr. Millman on TV!

Dr. Millman stopped by the Rogers TV studio on February 27 to record a segment for Daytime Durham. Dr. Millman talked about strategies to handle sleep apnea with snoring appliances. Check out the video, or click here to make an appointment.

Durham Region Dentistry on Dundas Makes a Difference

In keeping with our dedication to give back to our community, a donation has been made to "Make a Difference" (an Oshawa Early Years Initiative program) on behalf of Drs. Millman and Librach from your staff for the holidays 2016. The goal of the "Make a Difference" program is to ensure that young children in DDSB schools in Oshawa have access to programs and opportunities that can address the impacts of poverty on students' development and long term success. To learn more contact Durham District School Board Phone: 905-666-5500 or click here.

Dentistry on Dundas Staff Take A Break at Hockley Valley Retreat
Durham Region

Durham Region

Durham Region
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Durham Region Dentistry on Dundas wins the Readers Choice Award!

You voted and once again Dentistry on Dundas has won the Reader's Choice Award for best dental office! Thanks so much for your on-going support!

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Durham Region Dental Health for Children

"The complete health of a child includes healthy teeth and gums. As a parent, it is imperative that you understand the important role you play in getting your child started on the road to good oral health. Parental knowledge of how to prevent Early Childhood Decay, nutrition, brushing, dental safety and regular visits to the dentist all play important roles in the developing dentition of a child..."

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Durham Region Dentistry on Dundas Gives Back!

Every year the Dentistry on Dundas staff enjoy a much deserved retreat to a day spa. This occassion is so appreciated by all the staff, so to give back we have reached out to the Philippine people affected by Typhoon Haiyan by collecting a total of $800 for the Canadian Red Cross relief program and to sweeten the deal even more, the government is matching dollar to dollar. That's a total donation of $1600!

Dentistry on Dundas will be able to feed and comfort a community of 3,000 people for one month. Our donation is probably the best and only Christmas gift they will receive. Giving is the true essence of Christmas!

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Durham Region Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patient had full mouth reconstruction which included 21 crowns, 2 bridges and periodontal surgery.

Dental treatment not only provides great cosmetic outcomes, but restores much needed function for many patients. Check out another great before and after makeover by the Dentistry on Dundas team!

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Durham Region Going High Definition and 3D in Dentistry...

Cone Beam Technology has come to Durham!

Radiology in dentistry is changing. First there was digital radiographs and now Cone Beam technology. Cone Beam allows us to take CT scan like images with a fraction of the exposure of conventional CT scans. The images are clear and three-dimensional. Routinely, they allow us to map out bone for the exact placement of implants.

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Have you heard? We are mentioned online again!

Durham Region We sent a press release to our local paper regarding our donation to 'Show kids you care' and they posted it!! This is great exposure for the organization we donated to and will hopefully help them further in the future! Way to go guys! Check it out here,
5th paragraph down.

Dentistry on Dundas is looking good on the Whitby Station Gallery Holiday House Tour blog!

The Holiday House Tour gives you exclusive access to beautiful private homes in and around Whitby all decked-out for the holiday season.

Starts November 17 from 10:00am - 4:00pm


Dr. Librach is featured in the latest Fall/Winter issue of Experience Our Downtowns: Whitby & Brooklin

Dental Care Tips for Your Family
"Smiling is attractive, contagious and has even proven to be healthy for us because it reduces stress. Certainly, maintaining good oral hygiene is key to a great smile but sticking to a regular routine will reap many other benefits as well, helping you prevent tooth decay or loss, as well as gum disease."

Click here to view the full article featuring Dr. Librach and get the most out of your smile.

Winners of last month's Facebook contest were the Meredith family!

Here is what they had to say:

"Just want to say a big Thank you to all the staff at Dentistry on Dundas. We had a wonderful time at the Firefighters Association Comedy Show. We have heard it was awesome in the past and this year didn't disappoint either. The comedians were great and so were the volunteers. It was a great cause and we had a blast. I have been coming to Dentistry on Dundas for about 16 years and my whole family comes now too. You are always friendly and are great with the kids. (I think they like coming a little too much.) lol. Thank you for taking such good care of us."

The Meredith Family

Welcome Dr. Gabriella Garisto, Providing Dental Anaesthesia

Are you afraid of the dentist? You are not alone, 40% of the population avoids the dentist out of fear, but you no longer need to be afraid...
Dr. Garisto can help ease your fears and make it possible to attend to your much needed dental care. Poor dental health not only affects your overall health, but also your self esteem.

Click here to view her biography

Oral health and heart health, the mouth-body connection -
Dr. Dana Levy

The connection between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease encourages cardiologists and periodontists to work together to ensure your health.
Gum disease and cardiovascular disease are two major public health issues..

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Readers Choice Awards

We are happy to annouce that for the 11th year in a row Dentistry on Dundas has won the Best Dental office award! We would like to thank all of our patients for their kind support.

We would also like to congratulate Dr. Librach who won Gold for Best Dentist.. Click here for more information.

Dr. Librach featured in 'Experience Our Downtowns: Whitby & Brooklin'

If you haven't seen the Fall Winter Issue of Experience Our Downtowns: Whitby and Brooklin you can see an article about getting the most out of your smile featuring Dr. Librach.

Click here to view the article!

2010 Scholarship Recipients Announced

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 Dentistry on Dundas scholarships These scholarships are handed out to one student from each area high school with the highest marks in math and sciences.

Snap Whitby has all of the details. Click here to read on!.

Readers Choice Awards

Dentistry on Dundas has won Oshawa Whitby this Week's Reader's Choice Award for best dental office for the 10th year in a row. Click here for more details.

Dr. Mark Librach also won in the best dentist category. Click here for more information.

Exciting news!

Our Annual Fireworks display was a great success! Be sure to check back soon for next years event dates. Click here to see some pictures from the previous events.

Pizza Lunch for our Team!
This past February Connie entered a contest with Snap Whitby. Luckily for the entire team she won!

Why you ask?
Her prize was a pizza party! She kindly shared her winnings with the whole team at Dentistry on Dundas.

You can view the Snap page here.

Dentistry on Dundas is the focus of an editorial in the 2008 holiday issue of Durham Lifestyle and Business Digest. 

Please visit this page to read the article.

Did you know that each year, since 1999, Dentistry on Dundas has awarded $500 scholarships to exceptional high school students in the Whitby area?

Snap Whitby published a piece on our scholarships as well as a list of this year's winners in their November 2008 Issue.

Visit this link to view their article.


As you may recall, Dentistry on
Dundas was voted as the 'Best Dental Office' in the Reader's Choice Award for the Oshawa/Whitby area for 2008.

As a result, we were featured in an article by the Reader's Choice Awards that we would like to share with you.

Visit this link to view their article.


An Interview with Dr. Lanys on Dental Implants

What are dental implants?
Dental implants are metal root replacements for missing teeth that are placed into the bone. They take approximately 4 to 6 months to integrate with the bone at which time they are able to support a crown (cap), bridge or denture. Even if there is any bone loss from previous infection, Periodontitis, etc., a bone graft can be placed before the implant to replenish some of the lost bone.

What are dental implants made of?
They are made of titanium and coated with a titanium alloy which is compatible with bone.

How long do they last?
Click here to read the Bizymoms' interview at dentalexperts.ca.

From: An Interview With Dr. Lanys, A Qualified Dentist In Whitby

Bizymoms Interview with Dr. Michelle Lanys on Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Michelle Lanys is a dentist and has answered some of the common questions Bizymoms visitors have about Dental Crowns and Bridges.

Q. What are dental crowns and tooth bridges?
A crown or "cap" is a type of restoration that is cemented entirely onto an existing tooth. They are made of metal, porcelain or a combination of the two and are very strong. The tooth is slightly reduced approximately 1.5mm around the periphery ending at, or just below the gum line so there is room to place it within the bite. Crowns are necessary to build the tooth to its natural tooth structure and strength, and in turn, improve the cosmetic appearance of the tooth. Bridges are based on the same principle; only they replace one or more teeth by attaching the missing teeth to the adjacent crowns in one unit.

Q. Why do crowns fail?
Click here to read the Bizymoms' interview on our blog at dentistryondundaswhitby.blogspot.com.

or You can read the article on the Bizymoms website here.
From: An Interview with Dr. Michelle Lanys on Dental Crowns and Bridges

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